Keeping your Kids Fit and Healthy with Steel Mace Training

Wherever you are and whatever lifestyle you are following, it is important to know how to keep your kids fit and healthy. Topping the list of tips for staying fit and healthy, are exercise and healthy eating. If you observe these two tips with commitment, the chances of your straying from good health are minimal. And if you need to lose weight for good, you probably want to start with a body transformation program.

Whenever you have free time, you should find a good place where you can run. Whether in a park or a running trail, running is a great way to keep your kids fit. If you find running is a bit too energetic for you, you can walk at least one hour a day will help you to burn around 200 calories. Any children’s personal trainer will advise you that besides other exercise routines you may be involved in, running or walking are great ways to help stay in shape. Swinging the steel mace is also great, it will build your child’s grip strength and shoulder strength like nothing else. I tell all my clients to buy through Dangerously Fit Macebells NZ, the tend to have the best steel maces.

Workouts are also a good way to keep kids fit, especially if the type of job you have is more sedentary. You can fix regular work out schedules at home, or better still, join a gym. Routine workouts will help the body to stay fit, and if you find this difficult to stick to, you could use a kids personal trainer to keep you on track.

At times you may find it difficult to exercise on your own. It could become boring and repetitious. So you could also hire a personal trainer that knows how to train with the steel mace, or instead join some club or team where you will have company to work out with. In this way you might also gain new friends socially. If want to learn more about how to train with the steel mace, check out

Do your own cooking

This is the first thing your kids personal trainer will recommend if you are doing a 12 week challenge. So far we have been concentrating more on the  side of staying healthy. But healthy is as important. Keeping healthy also means eating healthy. If you have to eat in a group (with family, colleagues, in a restaurant, etc.) you could end up eating food that is rich.

Eaten on a daily basis, this type of rich food will definitely add to your kilos and bring on all kinds of health problems. So if it is possible you should try and do your own cooking. You can then concentrate on health foods that the body needs not necessarily what the body wants!

Using less oil, going in for more fresh foods, fruits and vegetables and lean meats, all these will help you to not only keep your weight down, but also keep you in better shape. If you are not too sure of the types of food you should eat especially when exercising, check with an experienced personal trainer.

Avoid smoking
One very important and destructive habit you can kick to stay healthy and fit, is smoking. If you find it difficult to kick this habit on your own, ask for help. There are many professionally-run institutions which will help you to quit smoking.

Drink water
It is important to keep the body hydrated at all times. So drink plenty of water. If you have alcohol, ensure that you drink in moderation. At any time if you feel you are approaching addictional level you can always discuss ways and means to control such a situation with a personal trainer. Such professionals have the experience and training to help people to stay fit and healthy.

Tips for Taking Your Fitness Instructor Exams

You may be a great fitness instructor but having the relevant fitness instructor certification will help you get ahead in your career. The practical experience will you better understand the requirements of being a thorough professional in this trade. But a few years into it, you should definitely pursue your certifications to improve your job prospects. If you have been considering taking your fitness instructor exams or are about to take it sometime soon, some tips may help you crack it with flying colours. Here’s what you can keep in mind,

Practice Tests

Get hold of as many practice tests as you can. Ask other fitness instructors who have fitness instructor certifications in your place of work for additional reference material or old practice tests that can help. Practice tests will help you to understand the test format and the kind of questions instructors are tested with. You can accordingly spend a few weeks practicing these answers before the final test. Knowing your test format and the kind of questions that will come will help you to finish the test faster and gain confidence too.

To get more practice go to

fitness instructor certification

Practical Help

If you have other instructors in your place of work with relevant fitness instructor certifications from – personal training courses you can always ask them for practical help. Ask them how they prepared and what they did to pass the exams. Guidance from professionals will always help you get ahead faster.

Take Model Tests

Before you give the exams, try to take mock tests. Time yourself and see what topics you aren’t being able to crack well. If you know your weak points before giving the exam, you will have adequate time to prepare yourself and crack the final exam.

Study Efficiently

Efficient studying involves studying your text books and teaming it with practical experience. Keep asking questions when you study. Do not just refer to one resource to get your facts right. Keep researching on other mediums online and other platforms to ensure you are well prepared by the end of it all.

A little at a time

A common mistake many people make when giving exams is cramming up at the last moment. And this affects their ability to take the exams well. It is important to prepare over a period of time and a little at a time. This will help you retain what you have learnt for longer.

Understand the Question

When taking mock exams, read and understand the questions well and prepare your answers in your head before writing them down. Sometimes, people do not understand the question or don’t read it carefully enough. They end up writing unnecessary features in the answers or marking the wrong answer in a multiple-choice format as a result.

Be patient

When practicing for your exams or when giving the exam, be patient. Do not rush through your exam or study. This will help you succeed better in the exams.

Five Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

You must understand and realize the potential benefits of hiring a personal trainer as that will help you justify the financial investment involved. The greatest advantage of working with a qualified and fully-certified personal trainers in San Diego is that it is the easiest, fastest and the most effective way to enhance your fitness levels and improve your health. The benefits of personal training has been established and acknowledged as such, it has extended well beyond the realm of the elites, the famous and the super rich. It is time you made lifestyle changes with San Diego Workout.

Achieve Your Goals

Personal trainers help you to define precisely your fitness goals. A fitness trainer would assess your fitness level and discuss with you what you actually desire to attain through your fitness regimen. You may have ideas about the fitness objectives and goals who wish to attain. However, fitness pro would be able to set smaller, specific and more realistic objectives for you. He would be vigilant and would constantly track your progress.
San Diego Workout

Customized Workout

Personal trainers assess your fitness levels and fitness goals thoroughly and create a personalized workout /fitness plan for you. The specific workout plan is tailored to your unique requirements. This customized plan generates effective results as compared to a general or a standard workout plan. A qualified fitness professional is able to evaluate your physical condition and has an idea of your clinical background. He is therefore, able to chalk out a program that is best-suited to your individual needs.

Encouragement and Motivation

What we usually lack most is the encouragement and the motivation to hit the gym and that is what personal trainers are supposed to be doing for you. The shouts, the yelling all this seem to be pretty intimidating, but in reality the fitness expert is constantly keeping you motivated. This source of encouragement proves to be extremely fruitful for you. When you are working out on your own, you lack motivation. Regular personal training sessions are great for enhancing your motivation and keeping your spirits high. There is a constant support and motivation that inspires you to do better and to hang on despite all odds. You get a feeling of immense satisfaction to demonstrate the progress you have made, to the fitness pro.

Proper Instruction

A professional trainer devotes his time and attention to teaching you proper way to carry out all the exercises that are included in your fitness regimen. He may at first demonstrate the movement thereafter, would scrutinize while perform it. He gives you corrective advice instantly if he finds any issues regarding techniques and posture. You must learn to do the workouts in the correct manner to rule out the possibility of any injury. Now you would be adept at performing these exercises alone at the gym or at home.


Total commitment to a regular workout plan is the need of the hour, if you wish to stay fit and healthy. When you are working out on your own there is lack of enthusiasm and commitment. You tend to skip a session here and there. There is no one to justify your actions to. When you hire a San Diego personal trainer, he is there to hold you responsible or accountable for your slip ups. A certified personal trainer knows how to keep you perpetually on your toes. His job is to keep you motivated and ensure that you stick religiously to the training schedule

Top Reasons Why You Must Get a Personal Trainer

Today, you will find it easy and convenient to hire a personal trainer, they are numerous and stationed in various fitness centers where you can take advantage of the state-of-the-art tools. The global concern on the need for fitness awareness is the impetus for the increased cognizance in healthy lifestyles interposing routine exercises and balanced dietary plans. Thus, institutions have adopted health and fitness courses producing personal trainers who act as coaches in weight loss, fat reduction and body toning.

Nevertheless, one is poised to enjoy the benefits of a personal trainer in Bondi if they are fully committed and dedicated in undertaking workouts.  Acquiring coaches is ostensibly easy today, but they are not suitable for every scenario. Thus, you are entailed to include exercising as an integral part of your daily life. If you are that committed, the rationale behind hiring a coach is broad.

Bondi personal training

If you try to set about workouts solely, you will face various downsides. You are inclined to be worn out prematurely, lose motivation and quit at the fledgling stages of your schedule. Undertaking strenuous workouts alone may pose insuperable challenges, you will need someone to gauge your improvements and identify inadvertent mistakes. The personal trainer ensures that once you start, you do not give up at any stage. Additionally, trainers are a great tool for novices in workouts and gym activities.

Your health aims and physical capabilities are intrinsic and unique. Thus, you will need specifically oriented training. A trainer assesses you and derives a precise training schedule well suited for you. He will need to carry out a comprehensive analysis, including your lifestyle, health conditions and hence, deduce a feasible and practicable fitness plans with goals therein. Besides, if you have chronic ailing, a Bondi personal trainer designs a regimen that does not exacerbate the problem.

Although you can dedicate yourself into taking workouts, there are other routine activities that you have to attend to. Thus, you will have short periods to squeeze in your workouts and derive the optimum benefits from it. In a nutshell, an experienced and professional trainer will ensure that you do not dissipate the short time you have for your workouts by designing worthwhile exercises.

When you start your workouts, you may make instantaneous progress at the primitive stages. However, afterwards, you may note your progress is diminishing. This is referred to as “plateau” from the fitness parlance. Your coach enables you to counter the ineluctable challenges by including discrete exercises in your fitness program at different levels.

The upshot of training under a personal trainer in Bondi is enriching you with knowledge on workouts and exercises such that you can subsequently undertake them autonomously. An excellent coach enables you to undertake the apt exercises, gives you the reasons behind activities and enables your overcome challenges at every juncture.

How to hire an ideal Bondi  Personal Trainers

You may want to scrutinize the credentials of your potential personal trainer in Bondi, a certificate IV in fitness studies with Fitness Australia is generally sufficient; however, the yardstick is met if they work with reputable gyms and health centers. In this vein, they should also furnish you with the insurance coverage, for instance a policy covering liability is essential. An excellent Bondi Personal Trainer is not offended when asked to substantiate his qualifications. They will promptly provide you with the necessary documents.

Your coach must also lead by example. He or she must have a good body that you can look up to; they must also have a professional approach to issues while leading healthy and fit lifestyle. You do not want a coach who encourages you to over drink alcohol or smoke; you will need one to assist you quit and lead a healthy life.


A coach is an indispensable tool in fitness training; however, you will have to expend energy and work hard on the workouts to get good results. The personal trainer provides you with exercises that are appropriate for you to lessen weight and speed up fat loss. You will also get a complete health weight control regime that you should adhere to cut down on weight and tone the body. You muscles will be strengthened and the skin smoothened, a good coach focuses on the accomplishment of improved physical and spiritual well being of his trainees. Check out Boot Camp for yourself and see what types of fitness programs they have on offer and what they can do for you.