Kettlebell Turkish Get Up The Best Exercise On The Planet?

A Turkish wrestling team nearly 100 years ago set out to invent a functional training total-body kettlebell movement that would prime young athletes for competition – an exercise that builds stamina and flexibility, improves stability and strength.

For over a hundred years, Turkish wrestlers have sought to create an exercise that will prime young athletes for competition. This total-body movement builds stamina and flexibility while improving stability and strength in all parts of the body – it’s perfect preparation!

The kettlebell Turkish get-up was born. It’s a wrestler’s best friend and the key to unlocking an endless amount of possibilities in any sport that requires you be on your feet for long periods, like Muay Thai or wrestling!

The first thing one must do when executing this technique is lie flat with arms extended overhead, so they form two lines pointing towards ceiling while remaining as close together at shoulders without allowing them touch.

Because if done incorrectly then there will not only feel pain but may also end up getting hurt even worse than before since it could lead into serious back injuries down the line which nobody wants right?

For those looking to get up off the ground, there is an exercise that will help. As kettlebell legend goes it was created by Pavel Tsatsouline who introduced kettlebell training into America and with just one single movement can be used for everything from weight loss or gaining muscle mass in your legs all while improving balance!

He sat back, crossed his arms and said “It’s all in the wrists. You can get up anytime you want.” The man looked to be around 50 years old but there was no mistaking that face – it’s Pavel Tsatsouline!


“As legend goes,” says this famous American kettlebell coach with a wealth-of knowledge on how best conduct oneself when fighting against gravity or not: “A guy walks into my gym who couldn’t complete one military press without dropping them both times; he did 20 rep squat Chicano style before finally asking me if I had any advice for him.”

It’s a good thing kettlebell Turkish get-ups haven’t been around for very long. If they had, the smartest people in fitness might have forgotten all about them by now I can only imagine what would happen if we were to embrace an exercise regimen that spans centuries and is still somehow as effective today!

The kettlebell get-up is an exercise that targets muscles in the body not usually developed through traditional strength training. It can help you achieve your fitness goals and build immunity to injury!

Performing get-ups regularly will make you more powerful. The move is great for targeting muscles that traditional strength exercises leave out, and it can be done anywhere with just your body weight! I suggest you perform this movement with a powder coated kettlebell to give you better grip on the kettlebell.

Get ups are the most intimidating obstacle course in bar space. It takes a certain level of courage, patience and skill to complete just one! But don’t worry — as with any new skills there’s always practice that makes you better at balancing an unwieldy metal orb above your head while going through seven steps (not including getting up).