Questions to Ask your Trainer before an Obstacle Race

An obstacle race is a competitive difficult event which will require you to stretch over to the extremes in order to gain success. A basic fitness level is mandatory before you enroll for such a race. If you have led a sedentary life so far then enrolling for Sydney obstacle races is compulsory before you think of competing. It’s also recommended that you contact your fitness trainer before any such event to ask the questions that are detailed below?

Am I fit enough to participate in the race?

Did you know that it’s very difficult to realistically judge your fitness level for an obstacle race because it’s more than likely that you will be psychologically biased to favour yourself? If you have not scaled walls, crawled around pits or maneuvered your way around a net then it’s likely that you are not fit enough to participate. However, let your trainer who has both the knowledge and the expertise decides.

What kind of diet should I follow?

The physiological goal of entering into any kind of a racing event is to be as agile and resilient as possible. Bulking up with loads of muscles is counterproductive if you are planning on racing. The diet should be high carb-medium protein and moderate fat. However the specific rules will vary depending upon your physiology, build and body weight. Ask your trainer to chalk out a racing diet for you with which you can gear your body.

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How should I be dressed for the event?

Legally, you are allowed to wear almost everything at an obstacle race. Anything apart from nudity is permissible. However the Tough Mudder obstacle race training courses must have taught you that the race is not an easy one. There is a 90% chance that whatever you wear will be in shreds by the time you reach the end. So don’t go for designer exercise wear. Wear a comfortable pair of shorts and a fitted tee which allows your body to breathe.

What should I eat before the race?

It’s a mistake to arrive at the race on an empty stomach. You will only end up feeling guilty or fatigued and it is downright dangerous to indulge in intense activity without fueling up. If you feel queasy on a full stomach, then eat at least 3 hours before the race so that the food gets time to settle down before the race begins. If you are an ectomorph (thin with a fast metabolism) then you need to take an extra shot of carbohydrates before embarking on the race.

How long should I prepare for the race?

Training for Sydney Tough Mudder will depend upon your current physiological status. Aerobic training with high speed racing, jumping, pushups, pull ups, maneuvering, etc. are mandatory for preparing for the obstacle race. Interval training or circuit training is highly recommended as a form of practice.

Remember that a good preparation is mandatory for success in an obstacle race.